Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!

(compliments of Yahoo Messenger)

There's no furniture left in the house. The beds, table, and washer/dryer went into storage today. The boys are sleeping on mattresses and us on either the sleeper sofa (which our renter is going to use) or an air mattress. It's a toss up. The boys have gone wild! My hubby says they have "more room" to get into trouble. They are enjoying the open empty space and utilizing it to the best of their abilities.

My Lil' Guy got a hold of the baby wipes today and I saw him going back and forth behind me to get new ones. After a few trips I asked him what he was doing and he looks at me with his big brown eyes and says "Cleaning that bam-bam." He was talking about Hubby's drum in the corner. Too cute : ) .

The other day I cleaned out the guest bathroom to put in the boxes going to California and told the boys not to use that bathroom anymore. My Big Guy says, "I'm going to miss my bathroom." Awwww. I told him I know but you will have a new one at Grandma & Grandpa's.

We said good-bye to our good friends we've known since their first and our second was little tiny on Saturday. She cried as we left and Big Guy gave them hugs. She gave me her favorite blanket to "remember her by". I was silent all the way home. I am sad. I will miss my friends. Another life to make.



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