Thursday, November 10, 2005

Walk By Faith

Hubby and I went to a Jeremy Camp concert tonight from his Restored Tour. It was a blast! I was crying through the two of his songs "I Still Believe" and "Walk by Faith". He wrote "I Still Believe" two weeks after his wife died of cancer and said "If one person came to Christ because of all this it would be worth it." Before she passed she witnessed the nurse by her said come to Jesus. That started the tears and those two songs he sung after that continued them for her, for him, for me, for my walk with Christ.

We went to Cheesecake Factory before. Why didn't you people tell me?!? Okay okay I know some of you have. But their menu has always intimidated me - it's SOOO huge, how can it all be so good? But it is. We actually went because we wanted a nice place for coffee and decided to eat as an afterthought. Well the coffee was delicious, comparitive with my favorite place for coffee in Santa Cruz, The Farm, and my "appetizer" chopped salad with chicken, balsamic viniagarette, apples, and bacon was huge and enough for an after concert bite. The atmosphere was gorgeous, we sat outside with a beautiful 69 degree temperature and the sun going down.

My kiddos are spending the night at my sisters and though I'm a bit apprehensive I'm sending them happy thoughts and will look forward to seeing them tomorrow. I have BG's little puppy, "Captain", near me.

It was a beautiful night. The tears came back today and now I just don't know. Are they gone or not? I suppose they won't be for awhile, all I can do is walk by faith. He has a plan, and a purpose. There was a verse up there tonight that said "without faith you cannot please God." Above all else I WANT to please God, and so I pray He helps my unbelief, helps me to have faith in His every work, His every plan.


girl from florida said...

I Dont' know why but reading this made me cry too. I *LOVE* Jeremy Camp, he's one of my absolute favorites and I can imagine he would be amazing in concert!! Is he just as good in person as on all his CDs? I'm sure he is :)

And I HAVE told you about Cheesecake Factory missy!! :) They have the most amazing grilled artichokes, YUM!! I'm so jealous.

I am ALSO SUPER JEALOUS that you & Allison get to meet up!! NO FAIR!!! BOO HOO!!!

Laura said...

I'm so glad you were able to go to Jeremy Camp AND the Cheesecake Factory! Great music and great food in one night. I am always encouraged by his music, as well.

Allison said...

Okay, I posted a comment right before I left work and now that I am home it is not here. Grr...

(It was something to the effect of)
Mmm...Cheesecake factory sounde super deeelish! I can't wait! I just LOVE good christian songs that speak to you and can move you and heal you all with just a song. Last year "Break Me Through" by Bebo Norman did just that for me. I emailed the song to you in mp3 form. I also put a link to the lyrics but I dont have that here, so Monday I will email that to you too. :-)

Allison said...

okay that was totally wierd. Now that I just posted and hit send, it re-loaded with both posts. Oh well. lol

Cecilia said...

You're back You're back You're back!!!!!

Why have you been feeling down, honey? Cheer up got a lot going for you.

I go to Cheesecake Factory everytime I am in San Fran. They are wonderful!!!

Please, I am just an email away. Like Girl, I am jealous that someone from here is gonna go and meet up with you!

I am hoping that one day you, me and Girl will meet up. :)


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