Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanks Giving

The Thanksgiving holiday has started and it goes from super high to super low. Today was great, but throw my husband in the mix and well... things didn't go as planned. I never thought of my parents as the cause of stress between us but boy did they seem to get there tonight. Not anything they say or do, just my perception of how I say or do things when I'm around them. I feel like I have been on Hubby's back, and at the same time I feel like he's feeding me to the wolves when he's not there supporting me through every. little. decision. Not only do I have to make all the decisions which is hard for me to do any way, but both my sister and my Mom have their decisions, and then you decide's to input and it just makes me go haywire. And, no, Cecilia, this time I didn't vent before I pulled my hair out.

I got PO'd at Hubby tonight and I'm not even sure what for. I just feel this incredible amount of stress on my chest and it ain't right. I am so glad my parents are here. My heart would be breaking from loneliness if they weren't, but at the same time it is darn stressful. Not having a three bedroom sure complicates matters as well. I still need to upkeep the house, usually after hours as we're gone all day, shopping or whatnot. That's a little difficult to do when they're sleeping in the middle of the living room. We tried to convince them to take our room but they wouldn't bite. Tomorrow we'll move the air mattress into the boys room, as the boys are sleeping next to them any way. That'll probably be a little better.

Did I mention my nephew got sick Monday night? So we cancelled Thanksgiving dinner at their house, decided not to do it at mine in case anybody got sick and now we're doing it at a local restaurant. My worst Thanksgiving nightmare come true. But whatever. I've learned to deal right? I just love Thanksgiving dinner at home, doesn't matter whose home. So Turkey dinner at a restaurant is not fun for me. Besides the one Turkey dinner I remember at a restaurant as a kid was not a pleasant memory for me. Maybe that will be my goal. To make it a fabulous wonderful one for my kiddos. That'll work.

And ANOTHER thing. Okay I am venting even if it is after the fact. What is up with Hubby giving the boys stinkin' half baths? When I say they need a bath they NEED A BATH not a freakin' rinse. Don't get me wrong, I love giving my boys a fun bath. But every. single. night. Surely once a week for someone else to give them a good, thorough bath isn't too much to ask?!? Apparently it is. I need to summon up some Alyssa strength, I don't know how that girl does it (and thank you for your sweet comments, by the way, I really appreciate it). Cecilia, you are too sweet, and yes WHY is it that when one thing goes wrong it's just that everything else gets to be WAY too much. Allison, that is very true I should just do that all day, and speaking of, I have a surprise for you... : ) . That was strange replying to comments in my post, but it's 11pm and I need to get to bed so I'm not going to go back and comment on them.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everybody!! What are you grateful for (mine to be posted when I'm in a gratefulesque mood...) ?


Cecilia said...

Hi sweetheart,

First of all, I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. At least, "Happy" ok? If it can't be "Happier" though I am sure that there are plenty of reasons to be "happier".

I can identify with being stressed about having to make decisions. And then making a decision for something that has already been decided about (ie, putting input). What for then? Why oh why?

This event is such a big tradition and I'm sure that having it at home is cozier than at a resto. But there are reasons. In any case, you are great at coping and dealing with things (you moved to and survived in another state, didn't you?!).

And for as long as the parents are not complaining with their "bedroom", there is no need to stress.

YOU ARE DOING ALL YOU CAN DO. This is what counts, especially for guests, more so from the parents.

Hubby probably needs some more training. ;-) No, it really is a matter of compromise. Of equal partnership.

Find the strength, indeed. There are so many things to look forward to, sweetie. Keep your chin up.


Allison said...

I can totally feel your pain on this one! I love my family VERY much, but they stress me out and living far away from them makes for better relationships with everyone. Anywhoo, when we go to my grandmother's (dad's mom) house for thansgiving and christmas we always go to the brunch at the Holiday Inn in her town and it is ALWAYS a special time and memory for everyone. I can't wait to go back this christmas!


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