Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

We went and got our Christmas Tree yesterday! The parking lot was completely empty, just us. It was fabulous. We decorated it today and had a wonderful time revisiting all the special ornaments. LG's favorite question, "Is this one mine?" He didn't want to put it up if it wasn't. BG was reading the years on the different ornaments and he read 2000 on his second Christmas train from Hallmark and said, "Wow! I didn't know I was alive that long ago!"

The boys were like jack in the boxes and wouldn't stay down for quiet time afterwards and are paying for it with early bed time. Hubby says those are separate, the good time decorating the tree and going to bed early for not taking quiet time like Mommy asked. They were throwing things at me! Not meanly, just in play if that is ever in play but STILL. Any way they also got under the tree and collected all their favorite ornaments we'd already placed so sweetly on the tree to put on ONE branch. One BG branch and one Shawn branch. I'll admit it was cute if I had not told them half an hour earlier and every five minutes since to lay down for a second. And if I didn't have to climb back behind the tree to get all those ornaments out and rearrange them. Okay, it was still cute.

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm
Elgin Christmas Tree Farm - the only Christmas Tree Farm to go to around here. It struck me what a big difference it was from the California Christmas Tree Farms. There was no flat land in Cali, you literally climbed to your tree, and there was at least four or five different kinds. Here it was a flat span of tree after tree, and mostly Virginia Pines, which was what we ended up with.

Christmas Tree
Mommy & LG, taken by my hubby. I LOVE his pictures! This one strikes me, there's another that's similar that you can see of our faces, but I love the position of this one.

Christmas Tree Farm
This one seems ethereal to me. I love it.

The Gift Store

The Barn
No idea who that girl is but she looks good in the picture!

Our Christmas Tree
The needles just barely brush the top of our ceiling. Perfect!

The Finished Project with Purty Lights
The finished Christmas Tree!! Sooo purty.


beth said...

it is so pretty!! I'm thinking about about putting up the tree tomorrow and while I know it's a fun thing to do, it's also a lot of work!! Your boys are so funny!!

Laura said...

How fun! We decorated our tree last night as well. Sadly, this is year 3 with a fake. Real trees are the way to go! Your boys sound so cute!

Robin said...

Wonderful pictures!

Marcia said...

Very nice! You're getting me in the spirit. :)

Hannah said...

Pretty tree! I've never seen a Virginia Pine before.

Allison said...

Aww, I love it! It is so pretty!! I am so jealous because I have always wanted to go and cut my own tree. Maybe one day...

girl from florida said...

So so so pretty! And so much fun! My hubby always went and cut his own tree growing up, and I've never ever had that opportunity. It sounds like such an amazing thing to do with the kids.

I also really love that pic of you & LG. You are one hot mommy :) But you already know that!

PS. For some reason, my blogrolling hasn't been saying you've updated, so I'm soooo happy to come over here and find all these treasures posted by you! :) :) xoxo!


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