Wednesday, November 23, 2005


This started out as an update to the below, but when I finished I decided it deserved its own post.

I just read a kick in the pants email and so now I am going to say what I am grateful for, not all-inclusive. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my extended family being here to celebrate this wonderful holiday. I am grateful for my beautiful home to raise my children, be it the home we are in forever or just the home we are in now. I am grateful for my son turning four as we speak, laying here sweetly sleeping next to me. I am grateful for my six year old sleeping on the couch above Grandma and Grandpa's heads. I am grateful for the gorgeous weather we had today. I am grateful that there is a place that we will get to go that has reserved a room all for us at no charge. I am grateful that the rental car company gave us an incredibly good deal on our red SUV, so much so that my Dad returned his previously rented minivan to use this one which is a much nicer drive. I am grateful that God is good and ever faithful. I am grateful that I can realize when outside forces are affecting my attitude and hopefully adjust my attitude to be able to handle those forces. I am grateful that LG is going to have a present from his sweet, darling brother, and a few from Mommy and Daddy too.

I pray that LG has a wonderful fantastic birthday and a memory to hold onto as his memory is so very good lately.

And a few cute kid stories before I go...

Yesterday I was painting my nails and LG comes in the bathroom and says, "When you are done painting your nails and your nails are dry, will you wipe my popo when I am done going poopoo?" Of course I say yes. And he very patiently waited on that toilet until he was absolutely sure my nails were all the way dry. He always takes his shirt off to go number two and when he's on there awhile, as was the case here, his little pants fall down around his ankles and fall off so he ends up with nothing but socks on, sitting very cutely on the toilet.

Today BG asks me to babysit his bear and take good care of her while he goes fishing with Grandpa, and gives his bear a sweet hug and kiss before he hands her over to me. I called him to tell him I was taking her shopping with Grandma, Auntie W, and I and he says, "Kisses to my bear AND Auntie W."

Tonight the two of them saw my stress and sat down next to me as I was folding clothes and LG started folding washcloths and BG did the socks. LG says, "Now I know how to do it!" He was all smiles the other day when he discovered all by himself how to fold washcloths.


Cecilia said...

And I am deeply thankful for having friends like you.

I am thankful that you are already feeling better and taking comfort in what is around you.

LG and BG are so sweet. Please kiss and hug LG for me for his birthday. I miss my little brothers who used to be little (doh) and who used to count on me for everything...including poo-wiping!

It's an incredible feeling to see it happening yourself: little kids discovering something new they can do themselves.

Life is so great. Always something new to discover.

Happy thanksgiving!

Allison said...

Aww, what a GREAT follow up post! They are just TOO cute!!


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