Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy Saturday!

It's warmed up a little here, 67 degrees today. And the sun is pouring in. Have I mentioned how much I love afternoon sun?? I got my wish with this place. It warms up the house just where it's needed.

Hubby is gone today, finding a fill in job and filling in on his current job. Right now he's hanging with the son of the guy who runs the group that he's working with, who also works with the same group. The boys and I have started the day out like any other day, only a little more loose. BG and I did a family tree and an American flag this morning. It was fascinating to discover that for the stars there are five rows of six stars alternating with four rows of five stars to make the fifty stars. And for the stripes there are seven red, beginning and ending with the red, and six white. The family tree, well BG decided Tony Hawke should be on that as well as his puppy that's named the same name as him. Friends are family too is what I say.

I have started Flylady again. Not that I ever stopped, but I did slack majorly. 'Fell off the band wagon' as Flylady would say. Allison and I got to talking about her emails while she was here. It reminded me of how wonderful her system was for me. That and knowing how I've really wanted to get BACK into that in the first place was just enough to get me to stop deleting all the emails until I've done them one by one. I still delete all the testimonials, most of them I wonder exactly what stage they're at and know that I'm either past that or not there yet so they don't do much for me. The ones that remind me to get off my patookie and get something done really help though. I just spent the last twenty to twenty-five minutes or so and my bathroom is sparkling, the laundry's set, my island is perfectly clear, and my living room is cleared out a bit. I'm reminded of all the reasons I love those emails so much - especially the fifteen minute rule, after fifteen minutes you're done. Keeps me from getting overwhelmed and not wanting to do ANY of it.

I'm So Proud of You!

Cheesy bow : ) , but I've had one of these pens since the beginning and still have it. It's my favorite pen and the only one I keep in my purse!


beth said...

I just could not get into flylady. maybe because she said I always had to wear my shoes. but lately I've been hearing about her again, maybe I should check it out again. I could certainly use the help. a sparkly bathroom sounds divine. :)

pinksundrops said...

I'm not partial to the shoes either. In fact I don't think I even had them on while doing all that. Oh well. I do try and put them on before I delete the email but otherwise I don't worry about it. Most of her stuff I LOVE, there are a few things that take me awhile to get into or I just don't get into them at all, but it's flexible for the most part besides the daily routines so I really enjoy that aspect. Good luck if you try it again :) !!

Allison said...

I am SO thrilled you shared your flylady secret with me! I think it will be perfect for me...when I actually start! haha Hopefully tonight my sink will be shining!! woohoo!


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