Monday, January 16, 2006

Puppy Days

We've been babysitting the neighbors puppy, Nigel aka Mr. Nigel, Nigey, and Nige, for the weekend. He's very odd looking at first until you get used to him and then he's absolutely adorable. He's about the size of a small poodle and has legs that seem a little too long for his small size, one blue eye and one brown eye and an L shaped tail, he's white all over and just looks like the softest cotton ball. His Mommy left on Friday and BG walked him at least once or twice. Saturday we fed him, took him to the park, brought him over to our verandah to play, and went over to his house and played.

Yesterday BG took him #1 and #2 and we brought him in here to play. He had such a blast running around and discovering all the nooks and crannies in our house and vacuuming our kitchen. We brought his toys over for him to play with before we took him home.

His Mommy is coming home today but we had him over for a good two hours this morning, playing and running around. He sat underneath our kitchen barstools while the kids and I did school. It was so cute. Makes me want a puppy... with his own house next door : ) . I'm still very glad we dont' have a puppy though, in between all the very much fun they are a LOT of work!


Allison said...

I tried posting a comment on here, but it was when it wasn't working, so obviously it didnt go through. Anywhoo....Yeah so puppy sitting has been so much fun, but it reminds me how much I do NOT want a dog! haha


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