Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Busy Girl

I cannot believe how busy I am lately. It seems like I'm so used to NOT having the opportunity to do things I actually WANT to do, that when the opportunity arises I grab onto it. But there a LOT more opportunities than I ever intended or ever imagined. Monday I ran a few errands, had a homeschool group, then dashed straight to an art class, Tuesday I had an appointment for Big Guy, met Hubby for lunch, got new tires on the car, then dashed to dinner with a friend. Those two days are pretty much an example of my entire last few weeks and it's weighing. Last week I was out three nights in a row!! Poor Little Guy said after just the first night, "I don't like it when it gets dark because then you go." And last night before I left BG asks, "Why do you always go out and you aren't with us?" I told him this would be the last time for at least two weeks. I had been needing a solid reason to slow down, and I am so glad they are able to communicate how it affects them. Sometimes I can see that it affects them, but if it doesn't seem directly related it's easier to ignore, but I can't ignore those words.

It's been amazing the things I have had the opportunity to do though. New Year's was a party a couple at our church hosted - the first New Year's party Hubby and I have ever been together and the kids were welcome which was really nice, and our Christmas Party was the same only Hubby''s Mom was here so she had a night in with the kids and we were able to go by ourselves. Our young marrieds class at the church is amazing. We try to make the early service at 9:15am, but usually end up just getting there at 11am and doing the class which is good for now. They've been moving around things and changing up a lot of what they do so we've been able to see a lot of intricacies of the class and not have so much 'Sunday school' which is really nice for feeling in the know and being able to be involved if we want to. The same couple who invited us to the New Year's party is leading a small group which is an intrical part of our class : ) ! That starts on the 31st and sounds intriguing and intimate, which is awesome. We'll need to find a babysitter so that's my next project.

BG is working with his lady who did speech with him, only they're working on reading now. That's twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays which takes up a big part of my day. He is doing incredible though and is at a point where he is reading books to himself!! It is so awesome and I am so excited for HIM!! Yesterday we were driving and i hear him sounding out the words to a BRAND NEW BOOK. We've been paying him $1 to read a book to us, and I've told him I'll pay him $2 when he reads a book he hasn't read before. Money is a BIG motivator for him, but at the same time he's loving what he's doing for it and it makes it easier for him the more he does.

Fridays he has soccer at 4pm, which is great because not a lot of people go then and it's a very small class. But it's a really BAD time to be out in Austin traffic so it takes up a good half hour before and after to get there and back.

Saturdays Hubby usually works which makes anytime he's not working packed full with things to do, and the rest of the day is normally just a school day.

Sundays is church and starting the end of this month every other week, which isn't too bad, will be small group.

The second Monday of every month is our homeschool group the kids and I go to, which is a lot of fun and I really enjoy the moms. Plus we do two or three field trips during the month. Tomorrow is date with hubby night as my nephew is babysitting.

Not to mention all the WONDERFUL new people I am meeting. I never would've thought there would be so many wonderful new people to meet in such a short time. I've gone to coffee and/or dinner at least five different times with five different people and as much as I WANT to meet new people and want to have the opportunity to talk without my kids, I just can't do the evenings without them anymore. Then it's hard to get to know someone because you don't have the opportunity to talk without interruptions. There is one girl that I went with that I've invited over sometime during the day as her schedule allows, but since we've already met and had the opportunity to chat away I feel comfortable with that, and I think she'd be great with the kids.

That is me lately in a nutshell. There's a lot more, but pretty much just more of that. Fabulous, wonderful people that I just never imagined the world was so full of, and thanking the Lord for it. Now I just have to develop that self-discipline and not do everything that's out there to do!


girl from florida said...

Wow, you really are so busy!! I cannot tell you how amazing and enriching our family group at church has been. I was really really hesitant at first about how to fit it into our week, but now it's become one of the things I can't WAIT to go to! I know the girls in your group totally understand about your kiddos and will work around that and hang out with them, too. Hopefully the next few weeks are much more calm!!


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