Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WordPress vs. Blogger

I've been contemplating a return to Blogger. I enjoy the extensive help files that enable me to customize my blog to just how I want it to look. What I don't enjoy is the non instant changes and the looong process of posting and the publishing and republishing. WordPress offers instant gratification, whether it be loading up the post page or saving a new post, however I have yet to change the design since I first created it and that is grating on my nerves. If there was some kind of index to be able to go in and change just specific things, just the background and header for example. As well as insert some things in the sidebar and organize my sidelinks where I desire, I'd be just peachy where I am.

The other weird thing I'm noticing is that Blogger seems to be more of a community. When I was on Blogger I freely met others and in turn they meet me. I don't think I've started reading one new blog on a regular basis since I've been on here and in turn that makes my readership low. ha! I think every single person on my blogroll is on blogger, except for IslandGirl who has her Xanga community as well as her faithful Blogger readers. It's funny because I write more freely knowing not so many people are checking in, only the ones that truly care, but on the other hand it makes me wonder if I'll be entertaining enough for myself down the road : ) .


JD said...

I find WP to be a bit tough to customize also. But some people are really good at customizing and creating themes. I guess you just have to know where to start, and that can be hard!

These two sites look promising:
Hope they help!

PS Hope you stick around here, we just installed fancy new servers!


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