Friday, January 13, 2006

Being Kids

We are having a sleepover! Close friends of ours came over for dinner and the girl and I looked at each other and said, "Why don't you guys spend the night?" Her eyes lit up and we got the hubbies excited about movies and online games and they were just peachy. She and I went out for movies and breakfast menu ingredients and came back for Lava Cake, Hennessey and Grand Mariner, and Trader Joe's Moka Jova Coffee, and settled in with Guess Who. After four times of watching it I still laugh so hard I cry at the race car scene. Now they are tucked into their super comfy air mattress bed, the kids are tucked in their beds, and Hubby is out next to me on my bed. It's been a fun night and hopefully will be a fun morning!


Stacey said...

Adults don't have sleepovers often enough! Sounds like fun! :)

girl from florida said...

That sounds like soooooo much fun! My inlaws got us Guess Who for Christmas :)


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