Friday, January 20, 2006

It's a Grind

Over at Stacy's she was reporting Starbucks being out of her favorite items and it reminded me of our new favorite hangout. No hate mail please! I still love you if you love Starbucks. I'll put it in words It's a Grind had on their little dry erase board said the other day, "We love Starbucks. They send us all their customers!"

If you have one near you and haven't been, check it out. They're coffee is really good and not super sweet good, just coffee good. The people who work there are really fun and they'll bring your coffee to you. At our location they have books to read. So far I've looked through a commemoration on surfers and browsed through a few pages of Gilead which looks interesting enough to get from the library and finish up. They also have games to play with the little ones or even big ones. BG loves playing Chess there. Oh and free wi-fi, none of the hot spot crap, Hubby uses it all the time. If you have the money you can invest in one. I would if I could. Wouldn't that be fun!

The best part is the ambiance. They light candles on each table in the evening and on cold days have the fireplace going. Not to mention the overload of comfy chairs next to the fireplace at ours. Perfect place for a night out with friends, an office for my hubby, a date with my hubby, quality times with my kiddo, or just a place to curl up and read a good book.

It's a Grind
It's A Grind

It's a Grind


Allison said...

Aw, I'm jealous! You got me so excited to try this and there isnt one near me. :-(

Stacey said...

Looks like an awesome place! We have a great local coffee shop downtown called Greyfrier's. I go there, too - so I'm not a complete Starbucks junkie! :)


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