Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mommy Style

Okay I know this is a bit impersonal but I've been running dry on ideas lately but somehow I've managed to type out a few lengthy emails of things I WANT to write here but just can't seem to find the words to. This first one is just a random going off after hearing a comment when somebody said they thought I was stylish.

You are too cute, I love hearing that my boys are adorable and I love that you think I'm stylish. Sometimes it feels so hard just because I CAN'T go shopping (ha, I wrote that as dropping the first time) at the drop of a hat. Even if I wanted to I'd have to figure out, well do my boys need socks and underwear or long pants possibly, more than I need that shirt. But I DO try and when I shop I try to make it sensible - I keep up to date with my InStyle, LOVE that magazine, and my I am Fashion Blog, those girls are cute.

For Christmas Brandon got me this beautiful gorgeous silky pajama outfit from VS. Pink silk and soft brown lace. Positively gorgeous, but I need SUPPORT and the pants were too long. VS doesn't make my size in most things any way. He said he bought something expensive enough to return and get something else if I wanted, so I did (yes I did feel bad and I feel bad even writing it down). I got a pair of adorable pants at Express, black with pinstripes, "work" pants. I've been wanting that kind forever and they have the cutest ones. I also got a cute shirt that is absolutely adorable that goes with it but makes me all black, so I may take it back to get something that I'll actually WEAR with it. That's my one thing these days, I try not to buy something unless I buy what I will need to wear with it as well whether it be just a shirt or shoes, otherwise it just sits in my closet and never gets worn.

It used to be easy, I had all my prepregnancy clothes that were in style and still fit but as the styles have changed so have my taste in fit and in that style so it's become harder and harder as I've had to rotate everything I had pre-first and now pre-second pregnancy. My fit I've wanted smaller so I don't have anything floating around and my style has become more classy with a few of the trendier things, if I can afford them when they're still in style!!


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