Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Who's There?

I am totally LOVIN' my Blogroll being back on here. I can tell when my friends are HOME and not waste time clicking around to see if anybody's posted anything and having to go after a few clicks. Now I just click on the ones who've updated, see how they are doing, hopefully leave an encouraging word, and I'm on my way. As Girl would say I'm rockin' it :) !


Laura said...

I need to try Blogrolling. That would save time. I tried something similar, but got confused. Sometimes I think I make things harder than they really are. There are probably a lot of cool blog extras I could be making use of to spice up my page, but I don't know how. Sometimes I wonder how I can work on the Internet for a job, yet feel so computer illiterate . . aah :)

Allison said...

LOVE my blogrolling!


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