Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Review

Saturday the boys and I attended the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Asian American Cultural Center. There was different Chinese dances, an Indian dance, several Hawaiian dances and a true dragon puppet, the highlight of the show! There was free food - potstickers, sesame balls, egg rolls, noodles, scallion cakes, and free cans of soda and bottles of water. Can't beat that way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Later that day Hubby took us down to a river by Spicewood Springs where the water was flowing to create quite a waterfall from the previous nights rain. The kids and us explored all up and down the sides of the river and the kids picked their sites to build their homes right on the edge of the river. We drove around and explored the neighboring roads and B (Hubby) started to drive through a flooded, flowing portion and scared me to death.

We headed back up to the house intending to get skates and join our young marrieds class for a night at Skateworld but got so comfortable we just stayed and had a nice quiet evening at home.

Sunday we went to church. B ended up staying with LG because he's not yet comfortable in his class. BG of course takes off for his right away, but he had difficulties at first as well. My sister went with him quite a few times until he was comfortable. I sat with my sister at church and then afterwards she and her boys came over to our house for pannini's.

We watched Flightplan and had to leave ten minutes before it ended for our first night of small group. It worked out because she wanted to stay to watch the end so she and her boys hung out with our boys while B and I went kid free to our small group.

Our small group was AMAZING! We had had trouble with arranging kid care and so had grown wary about even attending at all. The hosts said just these last few days they have an extra room the kids would be fine in and we intended to bring them and a movie and see how it went.

With my sister here in the afternoon though we came up with the brilliant idea of my nephew coming along. His older brother is 16 but has prior commitments Sunday night. But the 13 year old is completely willing to come and plays well with them. With my sister wanting to stay the first night it worked out even better as we didn't have any distraction as to really determine whether this is something we could and would want to do.

Last night's discussion was housekeeping of setting up the foundation of the group and then communication. B and I had just had a big discussion on communication before we got there and it brought tears to my eyes to realize how helpful and supportive and encouraging to our marriage this group might be. The girls and guys split up for prayer time and I felt like I got to know the girls on a deeper level as they shared their prayer requests and that they got to know me on a deeper level as well as I shared mine. B shared some things during the group that I didn't know, positive things that he appreciates, and helped me to see him in a new light and also to see a way I support him that I can fine tune even more.

B had an equally amazing time and really enjoyed the support. He told me all about the men's prayer requests and how a lot of them had attributed to their work, including his. That must be the biggest responsibility weighing on htem.

We came home to finish our movie which had a very happy ending.

This morning the kids and I are doing some school and making things messy. There was a park day with our homeschool group but Justin has a slight cough and the rest of our week is so scheduled I really just want to take this day to be home.


Cecilia said...

Wow, girl. That's a lot to put in here! It sounded like a crazily, busy but happy and fun weekend.

It is amazing what "support" can do, isn't it? Most especially when all parties involved are willing to go into it. And what a nice turnout that was. Now you will have this to look forward to (among other things) and it does make life easier...simpler.

I would like to thank you for the sweet messages you left and for the thoughtful email. Wanted to let you know that I am doing fine, recovering from the exhaustion of the events last week and to the weeks leading to that. I'm back to the grind tomorrow after 2 days of home rest.

Will mail you soon....THANK YOU for being the thoughtful friend that you are. I miss you, too!


beth said...

sounds like you found a great support group, that is so awesome! and yummy food, it sounds like!!

Allison said...

I am SOO happy you have met some wonderful people and have that support group. Thats very exciting!

Oh, and I thought about you last night. I was reading in my Money Magazine that Santa Cruz is the number one place in the country for "different" types of mortgages. I can't remember what the exact word was, but it was something like different, or customized or offbeat...something like that. Anyway, i thought of you! :-)


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