Friday, January 20, 2006

I Hate Crafts

I am SOOO not a crafty person. I just can't stand the darn things. Why make a stupid little thing nobody will care about and you're going to throw away any way?

Well of course kids love them. They still get thrown away but they still love them. So BG and I made a kite. Then he made another. And another. And now he's like on his bajillion one. I am so proud of him for his ingenuity and creativity in engineering these things, but I am so sick of tying little darn knots and cutting pieces of wood and melting ends of string I want to scream. Have you ever tried to figure out a Prussik Knot? It looked soooo easy when the guy at the kite shop showed me, but when I attempt it? Yeah, right. What's with that little loop? Is that supposed to be the string I'm tying it to or am I supposed to make another little loop besides the two strings I'm already attempting to meld together in some kind of recognizable shape? ARGH! Did I mention I'm PMSing? Oh yeah.

Oh and LG is giving everything haircuts, including himself, paper, and the carpet. Cute, I know, but I just cannot bring myself to think of it that way right now.


beth said...

yeah, I think kite knot tying could become trying!! but you're right, they do love crafts, don't they?

Allison said...

Oh my gosh i am laughing SOOO hard at the haircuts! That is SOOO funny!! Okay, you can punch me now.


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