Sunday, June 03, 2007

Barbequein' in the Rain

Our small group is breaking up - one of our couples is moving back to her hometown, another is going to Africa on a mission trip, two of our couples have moved down south, one of the hubby's is going back for his master's, and the timing hasn't worked great for our schedule the last few months so we haven't been. So that leaves one couple. We're joining another small group right across the street until we move south and three of the other couples are still going to meet and rotate leadership as the couple who were leading are the ones where the hubby is going back for his master's until the couple who is going to Africa in a few months goes, then they'll join other small groups.

Tonight we had a FUN last bash at one of the couples pool. Her husband grilled fajita meat and we all brought chips, guac, tortillas, salsa, rice, and beans. We got there and the boys jumped in the pool right away while the hostess is freaking out that it's going to rain. Her and one of the other hubbys had a wager of five bucks going on if it would start pouring or not. The lightning and thunder started, the rain followed soon after, and she won.

We all huddled underneath the overhang outside of the gym and Shawners and I dashed inside at one point when the lightning got a little too close and the hostess and I started freaking out which of course got Shawners to freaking out. We stayed inside until I convinced him the lightning had moved on. It was hilarious, us all sitting on the ground with our beach towels laid out so our booties didn't get dirty in front of the gym. We sat there for about half an hour and had a blast talking and chatting.

When the rain let up a little all fourteen of us moved up to their tiny one bedroom apartment and laughed and talked. We put the boys in a room with Over The Hedge and somehow we ended up in three groups of four and were all talking and laughing, trying homemade beer, eating goodbye cake, laughing at wedding pictures.

By the way the girl that I had mentioned irked me was there and we had SUCH a good night. I finally let my guard down and realized she may not be the kind of girl I'd get together with every week but she's still a blast to have fun with and she's still real.



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