Friday, June 15, 2007

I have this fear

That I don't talk to my kids enough. That I don't talk enough period. I've read over and over how women always need their 30,000 words a day. If I counted the words I spoke a day I'm pretty sure the outcome would be a LOT less than 30,000. When I'm in the car with the kids I'm silent. Unless I'm singing to a song, otherwise I'm completely silent. 30 minutes, an hour, it doesn't matter how long. When I pick up the boys from school I do make a conscious effort to talk to them for at least ten minutes about how their day went and what happened from start to finish and continue the conversation even if they're being boys and giving me one word answers. I'll figure out a way to ask them a question where it brings to mind different parts of the day and they get excited about it and talk to me about it. Of course I talk more when I'm by "myself" with kids than people without kids (unless they have a cell phone glued to their ear) but these are little people in my life here and I don't talk to them THAT much. Heck in general I don't talk THAT much. And when I'm home it's the same thing. I give myself the excuse that I'm "regrouping" but if I'm regrouping ALL the time it's kind of pointless.

Did you have a mom that talked a lot to you or a little or not at all? What do you remember about that? I don't remember my mom talking to me much at all. She was there when I needed an ear, but as far as deep conversations or even day to day general conversations, not so much. Only really when something needed to get done. Now it's different and every once in awhile we'll have great conversations, but not when I was a kid.



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