Saturday, June 09, 2007

Study & Social Night

My math class is in it's second week and I have been COMPLETELY lost. Monday I came home in tears with a splitting headache. I went to the college and started doing homework with a tutor on Tuesday and felt MUCH better. Wednesday was another class and a few other classmates and I talked and agreed to meet to study on Saturday (tonight). Thursday I did my homework with a tutor again and felt even better. Tonight I met with the girls and we went over each other's homework answers to make sure we all got the same one. The three of us bounced off each other so well. Whatever it was that one of us did get, we would explain to the other two who didn't get it. It worked out beautifully as we all got or didn't get different things. Turns out even with two wonderful tutors, who are professors themselves, I hadn't understood everything. Now with bouncing problems and answers off these other girls I am blown away by how much I am comprehending this stuff! On top of that, it's GIRL TIME with two other girls so I'm getting my social time in too! My last class I felt so socially deprived and this one is looking to be much better in that area. So very happy!


becky said...

I think that is one of the best ways to learn. I'm so glad you found some girls to study with!
- b


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