Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday Night

Saturday night the math geek group and I went out. Brando asked why we're math geeks and I told him it's because when we were talking about how each one of us gets when we are 'past the point of tipsy' we made jokes about passing out and waking up with math formulas written all over us with PEMDAS written on one arm. Pretty sure that makes us math geeks. Any way, what we REALLY are is three of us girls get together to study on Saturday nights. We look over our homework to make sure each one of us brilliant girlies actually understands what we're doing (or not doing).

Last Saturday one of us had the fun idea to go downtown to Esther's Follies. So we did. This Saturday. Freaking hilarious! Being the fun loving girls we are and having one of us be four months new to Austin we also decided to go to as many bars as we could afterwards. And take pictures at each one of them. Including one on the bar at Coyote Ugly. Because it was fun.

That didn't really mean as many drinks as we could but I guess it ended up being 'cause we hit seven bars and I only remember five. Didn't stick to the Grey Goose vodka and soda water this time which was a REALLY bad idea. I'm pretty sure I threw up in my car on my friend on the way home, told them to use my garage door opener to get into my car, told them to use my pool code to get into my gate, cried on a stranger's shoulder, complained about Brando (apparently one girl was taking me to heart and didn't want to take me home - fortunately the other doesn't drink and knew I was drunk blabbering), drank more than I remember drinking, lost an earring more than once, told them I hated my dog (I DO! She's freakin' huge. I actually love her, she's the best dog ever, but I hate the fact that she's huge), and who knows what else. At least that's what I've been told.

I woke up Sunday morning SOOOOOOOOO sick. I woke up at 7:45am, took some Advil which only made my headache worse, couldn't keep water down, and slept in four inches of water in the bathtub for two and a half hours because I couldn't get back to sleep in bed. My friend still has my camera and my drivers license and so now you know why we forgot the cameras for the lake day yesterday : ) (me being out of it + one camera missing = forgotten cameras).

What have I learned from this? Grey goose vodka, soda water, and lime only when I go out, which makes me toasty but not sick, and no alcohol for at least two months. The sight of it makes me sick. That open bottle of wine next to my fridge is going to be poured down the drain here pretty soon.



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