Friday, June 08, 2007


I chatted with an old friend on email today. I asked him about if he knew the myspace of a friend of his that I ran into a bunch when I was out in Cali last and meant to stay in touch with.

He says: "Do you mean j---- d----- (works' at l---'s... big boobies?). If you mean her she's on my friends list (i think it's a picture of a dog?)."

My reply: "Yes I mean big boobie J------. Guys. sheesh. Oh and S-----[another mutual friend of ours way back when that we'd talked about earlier in the email conversation] is HOT and also has big boobies. Because apparently that's how you identify girls. Haha. The question is how do you identify ME? Just be nice or I'll call names."

His reply: "We would identify you as a hot mom. I'm sure there are other ways of saying that... but I'm a gentleman."

Thanks babe. Love ya too.

Edited to add: PS I told Brando this story and he laughed his ass off and then says I'm his M.I.G.F - I'll let you figure that one out on your own.



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