Sunday, June 10, 2007


We had a goodbye party for one of our good friends tonight. They are moving back to their hometown to be near family. So sad to see them go! On a fun note J's art teacher was there, who is also good friends with this couple, and we met her husband for the first time. I had known he grew up in Santa Cruz, but then we found out he and Brando went to the same high school and they both graduated in 1*99! Turns out they were in a s*ciology class together. SO MUCH FREAKIN' FUN to run into someone that he went to highschool with 2500 miles away from where he went to school!! J's art teacher and I had already talked about getting together for dinner to reminisce about Santa Cruz, now we have even more reason to get together! I was just thinking the other day how sad it is that we won't ever run into people we "used to know" because we live so far away. So much for that line of thinking!



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