Saturday, June 16, 2007

Literally Depending on Modern Technology

Thanks for the sweet words to my post below! I realized yesterday I haven't had my cell phone for two weeks which is probably a large part of the feeling of not talking enough rising up. Normally, like last night, if I'm in the car by myself on the way to or from dinner with a friend I'll be catching up with my sister, my girlie Kels or Li, or any other random person who's available. At the very least, texting back and forth. That's been obselete this past two weeks as I dropped my cell phone the first morning of dropping off Justinbustin at cub scout camp and didn't bother to go back right away and look for it because I wanted a new phone. By the time I did go back and look for it it was nowhere to be found. Now we're considering lowering our cell phone plan and switching to Sprint but have to figure how to do it without signing a new contract or paying a termination fee with our current provider so I'm waiting until we figure it out before I get a new phone. In the interim I'm cell phone less. And not filling my talking quota and feeling it!



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