Monday, June 18, 2007

Almost not a SAHM

So I got a job offer of sorts on Friday. As it is I've been thinking about going to work very part time for awhile. When we showed up on Friday to see Justinbustin's nice lady for a check in her guy who had worked for her in the office part of her business for five years had just quit. In between that and us not having what it takes to pay for a few appointments to work with J's sentence structure we talked back and forth about me doing some office work for her. At a really good pay!! We talked about talking this weekend, and then I couldn't find her email and didn't want to call her cell phone. When I called her this morning she'd already found someone!!! Another guy to boot!!! Sigh. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

At least it got Brando and I talking about me working outside of the home. He figures if it's that great of pay I could do full time and he'd make his schedule flexible enough to stay home and watch the kids. Looking back over this weekend I guess thinking about going to work full time was my hesitation. I was NOT thinking full time right away until he mentioned it, then I thought well maybe I could do it and decided I would talk to her about doing full time. Originally I was thinking a few hours here and there to start out. To go from not working in 7 years to working full time would throw my body into shock. So maybe it's meant to be that I didn't end up talking to her this weekend. I'm still going to see if this guy is permanent and if maybe there's a chance there's still an opportunity but if not, I'm still looking. Just part time though!

On that note any good job perspective tips, besides actually CALLING the person. Learned that one real quick. hehe I have this strange view of whoever is hiring has the power and if I do ONE thing wrong I'm not the person for the job and they won't and shouldn't hire me. Instead of having the perspective "I can do this and not only that, I will rock this". Any other "I rock" and "rock this" perspectives that are good to have?

Update to add, 45 minutes later: Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got offered ANOTHER job. Totally part time AND same pay. I hate to say the stars are aligning but I think God has his hand in something here! As if he doesn't always :) !

Another update to add: The person she found is temporary, he's using this an an interim until he finds a full time job, which means in the fall when the kids will go back to school the position will be open. That's exactly when I had thought about starting something more regular anyway (the second job I was offered will be more sporadic) and it turns out that this job is very part time as well, not full time like I thought, so that works out perfect. On top of it, this guy has the skills to get her work set up on a new computer so when I come in it's smooth sailing. Yippee!! In the meantime I'll work on the second job I got offered to slowly introduce myself to the concept of working again. I work best slowly introducing myself to new things any way!



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