Thursday, June 28, 2007

Marble Falls on the National News

It's strange to see our hometown - the place where we raised our family the first four years of our marriage - on the national news. Fortunately our home we still own there is one street over from one of the majorly flooded creeks and our tenant is fine. We don't have channels on our TV so I just caught up with the video and news over the internet. Wow! I am so glad we are not there right now! And hoping our tenant is handling it better than I would!

Here in Austin it hasn't been that bad - not more than a steady drizzle for a few days. Not our usual torrential downpours we get. But us and everybody I know have been getting calls from relatives all over the country making sure we're okay. Our tenant's voicemail actually says: "The house is fine. I'm fine. J (his son) is fine. Leave a message." Maybe I should leave that on mine... and add we live on the side of a canyon so any water would be headed down there.



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