Saturday, June 02, 2007

Real Time

Sitting here after a full day of a leadership meeting this morning, a baby shower later in the morning until the early afternoon, taking flowers to a friend who's Dad died last week (I bawled when I found out, I can't imagine her pain right now) in the afternoon, a full three hours at the pool later in the afternoon, studying for an hour and a half in the evening and finally crashing at home with a twelve pack of beer and a bottle of wine - neither of which we've cracked open yet.

Can you see why I haven't been blogging lately?

This week I started my math class that I have to take in order to take other courses. I dropped the morning class I originally signed up for in favor of a two day a week evening class with a better professor and get this - twenty of us girls with NOT. A. SINGLE. GUY. in the class. For an attached girl that's the jackpot. teehee. SO much fun as the professor is an interactive one and had everybody introduce themselves, so everybody knows SOMEbody's name at this point - or ten. Too bad I had to drop the dance class (seriously I was SO sad about that) but priorities are priorities. Got to get this baby done.

Friday I hung out with my girl Kels. Li was supposed to go to her hometown that day but ended up coming over here with family drama and making the decision not to go to her hometown right before Kels and I headed to the pool so she joined us at the pool a little later. We make a good threesies. Between the two of them, the boys and I ended up at the pool for FOUR HOURS. Afterwards Li and the boys and I headed to Chilis for margies and met up with Brando for fajitas. Yum.

Li took off to meet her boy and Brando and I went to the mall and scored five GREAT shirts for the boys - Quiksilver, Hurley, Ecko - for the price of one normal shirt of those brands. Fun! I was actually looking for a sundress for the baby shower but couldn't find one and ended up talking Brando into sticking around while I shopped the sales. Found my new FAVORITE store - Anchor Blue. They used to have it in the mall in Capitola, Cali, and I loved it and I'm suprised I still do. So casual cute, so FUN, and SO me. Brando loves the guy stuff as well - very him. Love new store discoveries!

Oh, I'm glad I didn't find the sundress for the baby shower as everybody except the host was casual cute tank top and capris which was exactly what I wore. I so would not have minded being in a cute dress with one of the hostesses - when I move down south she BETTER become one of my girlies. The only reason she isn't now is because we kept trying to get together with the 'friend' who is a bit of a flake. Hopefully she'll be hitting the pool with me these coming weeks. Trying to get all our pool time in before we move down south. Not that we won't be up here after then. We will.



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