Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Have I Mentioned Point Lobos, yet?

A friend of mine suggested I put a disclaimer by our vacation photos saying, "by the way, we're home now.", due to the very slow progress I've been making on posting the large amount of photos we love to take making it appear as if we are one very long vacation. We are indeed home, and the photos have barely been touched.

Point Lobos, California, was the start of what was to have been our PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, coastal trip. Unfortunately for the residents living along the Pacific Coast Highway, but fortunately for us, there was a mud slide along the Pacific Coast Highway shutting it down, and we ended up having time to stay in Carmel for dinner with my lovely Aunt and Uncle at Pebble Beach, whose guest home we stayed in once we got to Pismo Beach. Before we met them at Pismo Beach we made a run by Point Lobos. I had seen a friend's photos of Point Lobos and the color of the water blew me away.
I couldn't believe there was a place in California that has that gorgeous, turquoise color. Now, I won't say that I wasn't fretting the whole time that I wasn't able to capture the color on film, but fortunately that was mostly just me fretting because the pictures captured the beauty just as I was hoping.

Point Lobos is located at the very north end of Big Sur, just after Pebble Beach
and 17 mile drive.
In all my years growing up in the Monterey Bay area and driving up Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway coast for lunch, I didn't know Point Lobos existed until I had seen my friend's photos, and the minute I saw them I knew we had to go. Point Lobos is situated on just that -- a point out in the ocean. There are about three miles of hiking trails surrounding the point, and plenty of parking spots if you don't have the time to hike. We didn't have time to hike, so I mapped out the different areas for us to park and walk around.
 We made sure to make the overlook where plenty of seals lounge in the sun, and where Brando took my favorite recent photo of me.
We started at a hidden bay for divers,

explored tide pools and textured rocks,
 and found gorgeous hidden nooks and crannies, coves and beaches galore.
I can't wait to go back and explore more!


Camels & Chocolate said...

I felt the same way about Point Lobos--I think it's my favorite part of California. It reminds me of both the South African coast and the northern part of Hawaii. So pretty.

Athena said...

we haven't made the 17-mile drive yet but will at some point, and i will be referencing back to this post. cannot wait.

Sonya said...

Now I want to go to the ocean. *sigh*

pinksundrops said...

C&C - For someone who hasn't been to South Africa and only the north part of Oahu, this is lovely to hear. Sometimes when I see gorgeous views such as this in California or Hawaii, or even Texas, I imagine other parts of the world that are on a similar latitude and facing the same cardinal direction and wonder if they have similar gorgeous views.

Athena - Take note this portion is just south of the 17-mile drive! While the 17-mile drive is gorgeous, and definitely a must-do, this part is separate -- and since the 17-mile drive is private and not a state park they charge you separately. Totally worth it, though! Make sure & stop at The Lodge at Pebble Beach to see the stunning views from the restaurant. If you want to grab a bite, the creamy artichoke soup in The Tap Room is delicious and the least expensive thing on the menu :) .

Sonya - I think part of my fixation on posting these is it transports me back to the moment for a moment.


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