Friday, April 22, 2005

Out of Commission

Well I guess I've been out of commission for a few days, so I'm going to try and save this day. To sum it up, yesterday feeling yukky and sick and still somehow managed to be out all day and have a great day. And today was Hubby's BDay! Happy Birthday you Sexy Thing!

Big Guy's speech thing was early yesterday, so we went for lunch afterwards that turned into an hour long date for the three of us, hit the nurseries afterwards to find a citrus tree to plant in a pot on our deck as we have no space for a garden. We ended up finding a couple neat ones I had no idea were around. One of them was huge, at least an acre, which is a big deal for space around here. They even had 'tea trees' that's how extensive their selection was. Or maybe nurseries normally carry tea trees, but somehow I doubt that. Any way it was a blast, the kids had fun running around, and I'm just in heaven wishing I had a big piece of land to plant everything imaginable. Afterwards we kicked back at the beach with a few towels, a good magazine, sand buckets and shovels. The kids had a blast and I told them beforehand I was exhausted and wanted to rest, so I wasn't going to be playing, but if they wanted to stay they could. Worked out nice for me : ) .

That's another thing, I've been waking up at 6:30am - 8am the past three or four days, mostly because I've actually been in bed by 9pm or 10pm! Any way today was Hubby's BDay. He woke up realizing today was a co-workers grandmother's funeral, so he attended that, and had the rest of the day off from work. He joined us and his Mom at The Buttery for lunch (we picked up his adorable and yummy ollalieberry palm tree cake there) and we went back to her house afterwards where she watched the kids and we took off to see The Interpreter, we've both been wanting to see that and it was perfect it opened on his birthday. Really good by the way, definently lived up to the suspense of the preview. Afterwards we came back to her house and did birthday cake and presents (from her, how horrible am I that I didn't get him a card or presents?! He's never big on presents any way unless they're the really expensive electrical kind I just can't justify spending the money on unless he's there to pick it out). She got him a remote control airplane, the same one we'd bought and lost the first day, and a remote control helicopter. Very cool stuff. Fun for the kids too. We ordered pizza afterwards, Tony & Alba's, which has the BEST Italian Garden Salad and I gorged myself, on pizza, salad, AND cake. At least I evened it all out (three each is good, right?). We pretty much spent the rest of the day there sitting back and watching movies and TV, including Flight of the Navigator, Alaska, King Snakes, and American Chopper (you can tell who had the remote) on her big screen TV and relaxed in the big comfy recliner loveseat while she played outside all afternoon with the boys.

Now off for the weekend! What's in your plans?


Tash said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! My hubby has the WHOLE weekend off which is rare (he's a chef) so we're making the most of it with days out and posh meals. It's been great so far! Hope you manage to get a lie-in this weekend. :)

beth said...

sounds like a perfect birthday! we are in the stages of birthday preparation here. my son's birthday is on Monday, but we are doing the family thing tomorrow for dinner so I've really got to go do some cleaning and baking and yet, here I sit in blogworld.

girl from florida said...

Happy Birthday Mr. PSD!!!! :)

So what kind of citrus tree did you end up buying? Lime and lemon grow really well in big pots- but that's my only citrus experience. I LOVE planting/working outside in our yard- we are almost fanatical about it sometimes! It's so therapeutic.

I'm jealous of the beach trips :( Soon, soon, soon!

We are thinking of seeing a late Interpreter tonight... although it's not looking likely as I'm exhausted and in my pajamas. :) heehee!

Mommak said...

Sounds like a lovely day!! Pizza & the beach....2 of my favorite things. Thanks for the link, btw. I'm so glad I met you. I didn't know you were close to Capitola. Lucky you:-)

Jamie said...

I just came to your new blog and I really like the new outfit.
I also had some thought of moving from blogger to somewhere else, but I haven't made up my mind yet. So much work involved in moving all the archives.

mommyd said...

What a great birthday! I am jealous about the beach. I can't wait to get back to CA! It is 50 here in VA and freezing me! I also can't wait to get back to my citrus trees. I have a lemon tree and a orange tree in my backyard in CA. My lemon tree is crazy with lemons. My poor orange tree struggles. I can't wait to see how they are doing when I get back. I hope they haven't taken a turn for the worse!

Cecilia said...

.....happy biiiirthdaaaay to hiiiimmmm.....:)

You always have such a fascinating schedule with lots of interesting places to go to as well as fun activities for both the adults and the kids.

I can already imagine your citrus plants and how lively and colorful they look. Photo material, definitely. :D


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