Tuesday, April 05, 2005

100 Things

I couldn’t come up with a serious 100 things for forEVER so I decided I’d do it quirky. Goofy. And see what comes of that.

1. I have leopard slippers that I’ve had and loved for 5 years.
2. I was about to throw them away when I realized I could wash them and make them last possibly another 5 years.
3. They’re now washed and still kind of gross, I may not keep them after all.
4. I like the water to be scalding hot in the shower.
5. Sometimes, when I turn the water off, I’ll turn the cold off first and then rush to turn off the hot so I only get scalded a little.
6. That’s fun to me.
7. I like to start things.
8. I hardly ever finish them.
9. I don’t buy the tools I need until I get done with everything I can do without a tool first.
10. Sometimes I get to the point where I need more tools and stop for awhile because I haven’t gotten them.
11. I started a drawing book.
12. I drew a bird. It’s beautiful.
13. I’ve stopped because I need new pens to fill in my drawing to create texture.
14. These are some of the tools I didn’t allow myself to get until I followed through with what I could.
15. This is one of the stopping points I create for myself because I don’t allow myself the tools.
16. At least I don’t waste a lot of money on wasted habits.
17. I’m trying to get better at finishing things.
18. I used to be a horrible housekeeper.
19. Two years ago I discovered flylady.com.
20. She was my housekeeping savior.
21. People think I’m so put together and organized when if only they knew.
22. I feel put together and organized.
23. Sometimes.
24. Thanks to Flylady.
25. I realized it’s all about baby steps.
26. And doing stuff before it actually needs to get done.
27. And realizing I’m not lazy, I’m just a perfectionist, and if I can’t do it right, I’m not going to do it all.
28. And getting over that.
29. I love my kids.
30. I have two boys.
31. People tell me I must have “quite a handful on my hands”.
32. I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world.
33. They are the sweetest, most kindest, most sharing, generous, loving boys any mother could ever hope for.
34. They make a wonderful team.
35. I try to teach them that when they work together the sky’s the limit.
36. Scratch that. The universe is the limit.
37. I try to teach them that one may be better at something then the other.
38. And that that’s okay.
39. And that when they combine their strengths it makes them an even stronger, and better team.
40. It works.
41. Sometimes.
42. I never imagined myself as a mother at 23.
43. Much less a mother of two.
44. I thought I would go to college.
45. Become a teacher.
46. Possibly be an old maid.
47. Because I thought I wanted that.
48. How wrong was I.
49. I may’ve been happy doing that.
50. If that’s what was meant for my life.
51. It wasn’t.
52. I got pregnant at 17.
53. I had my first baby at 17.
54. I met my husband-to-be at 18.
55. I married at 19.
56. I grew up a lot between the ages of 16 and 19.
57. You might say I was a different person.
58. I’m glad.
59. Who knows where my life would’ve been had I not gotten pregnant.
60. I was in a bad relationship.
61. A relationship where the guy actually felt he could say to me have an abortion or I’ll leave you.
62. He did.
63. I’m so glad.
64. My husband is amazing.
65. I couldn’t have imagine a more wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with.
66. He is so strong at times.
67. And soft at others.
68. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him.
69. Before I dated him I saw him with a friend playing video games at the Boardwalk.
70. I thought to myself, why can’t I get a cute boyfriend like that?
71. I tell him this now to stroke his ego.
72. He loves it.
73. I still want to be a teacher.
74. I thought it would be cool to have the summers off with my kids.
75. Now that I want to home-school my children, I’m thinking I’ll be their teacher.
76. Which is even better.
77. Sometimes I wonder if I am disciplined enough to teach them anything.
78. I hope I am.
79. I love to decorate.
80. Two years ago you would not have known that.
81. I had a wonderful friend who decorated my home and created a peaceful haven for myself and my family.
82. She opened my eyes to the world of decorating.
83. Now people are amazed at what I do.
84. I’m amazed at what I do.
85. I’ve created a peaceful haven for my family here.
86. I love it.
87. I can’t wait for another blank sheet to create a peaceful haven in.
88. I could use some money to do that.
89. My Mom financed what we have here.
90. Because she’s going to keep it as her guest room she always wanted to do, but never knew how.
91. I love that she loves it.
92. I love that I love it.
93. I love chocolate.
94. Sometimes I’ll eat chocolate for breakfast.
95. Like today.
96. Toblerone’s are addicitive.
97. I can’t believe I’ve almost finished my 100 things.
98. In less than 5 minutes.
99. With wiping a popo in between (my kids).
100. Does this mean I’m a real blogger now?

Well it’s goofy. Did it work?


Robin said...

This wasn't goofy at all. It was great to get to know you more. I am with you all the way on scalding showers. And chocolate! :)

cori said...

wow thanks.I learned a lot about you! I need to do that too.You are amazing!

beth said...

i'm with you on the chocoloate, too. thanks for sharing, it was much fun!!

island girl said...

hehehe these are great!

Cecilia said...

lol, You certainly are a true blue Blogger, my dear. You did it, congratulations. The list is beautiful because now we have more insights of YOU, and I think you are such an incredible person who I love getting to know more each day.

What do you know...I also always wanted to be a teacher. Although I must say that I thought I'd have kids and family by 23, and look at where I am now---> headed to old maid'sville. (Not complaining!)... :)

You are so lucky and so blessed. Amen to that!

girl from florida said...

Oh, I love your 100 things!! Will you do another one? You know you are one of my favorite bloggers, so I love learning more about you. :)

pinksundrops said...

Another one? Ack! It took me, how many, ummm, almost a year to make this one and you want ANOTHER one? *sigh* I'll see what I can do. Start a new trend - TWO HUNDRED things LOL.

Cecilia - thank you for your sweet comments, I always love to hear your voice. Hehe I read maid'sville as 'smallville' when I was first glanced at it.

Mel said...

What a fun list! I second chocolate being wonderful for breakfast! Add a little peanut butter...pure heaven! ;)

Adrianne said...

ok - I may go rework MY list! You are so great...and to think you're only 23! (I don't mean that in a condescending way at all.) Boy, the assumptions you make of someone...I so had you in your late 20's even EARLY thirties! Hee hee hee, guess age doesn't matter all that much :) ok, enough procrastinating on my end...100 list, here I come!

Hannah said...

Great list! I am a teacher and I always wanted to get married and have kids young and teach later. Instead, although I married young, I stil haven't had any children and I'm 24. I'm still young, but I initially wanted a baby right away when I married at 21. We are thinking of getting pregnant this year.

BTW, I think your blog is gorgeous! I love the colors and the flowers. :-)

Allison said...

This was so cute and so fun! I love how you are teaching your boys to work together and how much stronger they will be and what they can accomplish that way. You are such a wonderful mother!!

millenniumhippies said...

hey i do that thing in the shower too...where i turn off the cold and hesitate a moment before turning off the hot, so i get a blast of really hot on my back...LOL!!!


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