Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Recipes

Over the years I have oft visited and through it have fed my family many times over and ninety nine percent of the time deliciously. I finally figured out how to direct people just to my reviews, so here you go if you want to find out what I've made over the last five years that have tickled my fancy.

I love having the reviews there. If ever I recall something I've made before and want to have the recipe, I just go to my reviews. They even have all the little adjustments I made to find out how we liked it or if I made any substitutions. So far I have to say my favorites are the... okay never mind I can't pick one. They were all yummy. I wish they had a friends set up like Netflix does. Or maybe they do and I don't know about it. But if any of you have reviews please leave the link in the comments. To get the link find one of your reviews from a recipe you liked and click on More reviews by you. I'd love to see them and maybe find a new recipe or two!

Heh. That was funny. All three of my edited posts were up here. Now you get to see how ocd I am about editing stuff before I put it up. That can't be a good thing. Or maybe it is.


Adrianne said...

I LOVE allrecipes! Of course you use that site - great minds, Pink, great minds! :) Pink, the rock star was on a local radio station this AM and I thought of you :)
Hope you're doing well! I change jobbiejobs on Monday - wish me well!! :) Talk to you soon?

Cecilia said...

WIll you look at that cheesecake!!! Wow. I love your recipes. I wish I had an oven...but...I wish I knew how to bake! :)


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