Saturday, February 25, 2006

Favorite Memories

...seeing the Dallas Galleria layout, standing at the edge above the ice rink Louis Vitton was across the way, Abercombrie above, and PacSun above that. Expensive to cheap. It was hilarious.

...enjoying a night out on the town, talking about anything and everything with Allison.

...Uncle Julio's margarita's

...Allison's sweet warm personality

...the endless stream of conversation we have

...the fun giggly girl moments that are there when you get to just be free from whatever it is life has for you at the moment

...her cute little car with the butt warmers

...staying at the Westin in the Heavenly Bed.

...enjoying the full hilt of luxury with her and being appreciative knowing it's not the norm, at least not right now :)

...her interaction with my kiddos, even the brief moments they had the first night and the shared awe of Medieval Times, there's such an easy sweet connection there blessed we are to know her wonderful face and heart and get to spend time with her on top of that MIL not. buying. a. thing. except for intangible goods.

...the wonderful memories created and the pictures taken with her.

...being completely 100% spoiled rotten in whatever it is we did with her, from the luxury suites at the Westin to VIP seats at Medieval Times to a hundred dollar gift certificate at a local restaurant.

...the moments at home with her. Just being, sitting, drinking mixed Hennessey and Grand Mariner, watching movies, sleeping : ) while she played with the boys, late nights talking.

...her birthday party last night at NXNW.

...the wisdom of age and the lifetime of kindness she makes such an effort to share, so if it doesn't sink in now it will at some point and leaves me, my husband, my boys and anybody she shares it with only being the better for it.

...lunch and dinner with my hubby every day.

...Medieval Times

...the sweetness and romance of my hubby motioning to our knight at MT to pick me to be the queen, although I really wanted Allison or Mom to be picked, and when he did B putting his hand on my waist as I stood up, and then telling the knight afterwards as he signed the photograph of the moment, "Thank you for choosing my bride."

...the peaceful, relaxed feeling of having had company for a week and knowing there's not. a. single. thing. to do to get things back in order.


girl from florida said...

so wonderful! It makes me happy just reading this.

Allison said...

Everything about this made me smile, really really big! Esp the second to last one....SO sweet!!


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