Monday, February 06, 2006

Mock Surgery

The hospital here had a Mock Surgery on Saturday. They had surgeries set up in an orthopaedic room, a trauma room, an anesthesia room, a gallbladder removal room, an ear-nose-throat room, an endoscopy room, and an eye room set up.

We found out how they do surgery without slicing you open. They showed us how they make the hole and then the tube stays in you and they slide the camera in one tube, different tools in the other, and if they need another tool they make another hole. BG tried his hand several times at operating inside the tummy while watching what he was doing on a screen. The third time he had it down pat.

LG was finally convinced to remove something from a throat when he discovered that was the only way he would be able to eat the candy.

They were both given hair nets, masks, and gloves (of which they were only interested in the gloves) and a bag of goodies - medicine holder, bandaids, tongue depressor.

The whole thing was fascinating and I could've sat there all day trying out the different operations and asking as many questions and observing as much information as possible. The boys held out from 9am until 11:30am which was awesome.

LG recounted every single event to Daddy that night. Retold in his words right now: "There was one guy that didn't have candy in the tummy and he had the things right here (pointing to his ribs. The lungs) and a face and didn't have candy. There was one with his tummy and he had candy. All of the ones that didn't have candy we didn't get, all of the ones that did have candy we got. " In his description to Daddy there wasn't so much candy, but two days later what else would you remember :) ?

They had such a wonderful time and my hope is if they were truly interested that a seed was planted.. LG is completely fascinated by the human body, the muscles, the heart, the veins, the bones, everything about it so maybe this will help give him that edge to find out more about it if he so desires.


Allison said...

This is so cool! You find out about the neatest things for you and your boys to do!


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