Monday, February 06, 2006


B was supposed to take the day off today. It's 4pm and he's still working.

So I gave myself a pedicure. I've been desperately needing one.. On an off note tell me why in Texas pedicures and manicures are more expensive than in one of the most expensive places to live in the world? I could get one in Santa Cruz for $20 out the door.

Any way back to my personal pedicure. A friend gave me a pedicure set from Ms. Pedicure, the foot Diva, a while back and I adore the thing. So I hopped up on my bathroom counter, stuck my feet in the sink full of very hot water and soaked away my cares.

I soaked, scrubbed, pumiced, filed, and attempted a French manicure. Let me just say unless you have the proper tools, which I don't, a French manicure is not a very good idea to attempt. So I removed the evidence and painted them a soothing color of OPI's "Skinny Dip'N in Lake Michigan", perfect for the chilly day.

Now my hair is undone in tousled soft waves, my toes are pretty, and I'm set for my art class even though I'm totally wanting to skip it tonight.


Allison said...

That sounds just lovely! And boy, am I ever jealous of your feet now! Mine need one desperatly, and I think next time I am SOO going to pull the feet in the sink thing as well. What an awesome idea!

Laura said...

I FINALLY gave myself a pedicure the other day. I'm embarrassed to mention how long it's been. WAY too long. . longer than I've ever gone w/o one. Boy did it feel good.


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