Monday, February 13, 2006

The One Where I Change My Mind

California? So not. After lots of mulling, thinking, stressing, worrying, fretting, and all those other words, and finally praying which really should've been first, I realized yesterday that I had a peace when I thought about not going and when I did think about going I stressed out about every little thing. Last night was our small group and I broke down in tears over wondering whether I should go or not when we shared prayer requests, and the girl on my right who prayed for me, and another girl praying for someone else making a decision helped me realize that one, I can ask God for peace about a decision even if I don't know what He has in plans for the future, and two, if the only reasons I am doing something is for guilt, worry, and fear, then that is no reason to do it at all. And those three reasons are the only three reasons I would be going to California right now at the point we are in our lives. There was only supposed to be just the first three words of this paragraph, but I thought I owed you more than that : ) .

So. I am happy. I get to continue my art class, we get to continue carving the life we have out here, and next Sunday is girls night out, dinner, and spa night!

In other news, my MIL is still coming out and going to stay a little longer. I only hope we can take a short vacation instead of sit here and shop. She's already ordered complete bedding, including the bed, for her when she gets here, that she'll conveniently leave with us when she goes. Any ideas for a vacation : ) ?

Saturday Brandon stayed home from work and vacuumed the whole house. Vacuums have been a nightmare story for us since we got here. May I just recommend the good ol' $40 Walmart version that lasted us 3 years the first time we lived here? The higher up versions from Linens N Things don't work worth crap. Any way I cleaned the windows, the baseboards, and the verandah. Then we had people over for dinner. They were so interested in J's art work it was fabulous. He got up before we left the table and spread his art work all over the living room for an art show. They were even super interested in mine (which I've been meaning to take pictures of for you guys) and the girl suggested framing two of them to put together. She's so cute, she's copied out of Pottery Barn and hired an interior decorator for most of her house, now she's starting to get an eye for things herself which is so fun for her.

Sunday M and her boyfriend went to church with us. We decided to go to service instead of class. Boooooring. Hopefully they'll come with us again LOL!! Next time I promised we'd go to class. It would be so fun to carpool and have a girl to chat with on the way there. We barbequed here afterwards and her cute little dog ran around the whole time. Since her house is right next to ours, and the barbeque right next to hers, we stopped by HEB on the way home and had open community with whatever was in our fridges. Somehow we ended up visiting until 4pm, then it was nap time for poor B and his head that was hurting, and small group.


Cecilia said...

Keep in mind that Life Just Is. Savor things, let them go. Let Life Happen. When you do, it means you are trusting God with all the changes happening around you, and leaving it to Him to direct your life. I am happy to read that you are now at peace with this. It's the way it should be.

As for a vacation, can you go for long walks? What I would like to do is to go for a drive across the US and zone the mind out! :)

Love your Sundays out there.

Allison said...

Have yall been to San Antonio yet?

pinksundrops said...

We covered San Antonio top to bottom when we lived in Marble Falls. The riverwalk, the San Antonio Zoo, and the Alamo were are second home. Good thing, as we got to discover Dallas :) !


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