Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I started today after totally going off this weekend. Funny how my HUSBAND noticed I was PMSing and I didn't. I really like to know when I'm PMSing and not just think I'm a total B*#@%. But sometimes I don't realize it. Any way after being completely sore and cramping really bad for about a half hour today I took my herbs and the cramps went away and I started. Like I have every.single.time. for the last three months. Silly me I leave the house without any, um, protection. Fortunently I was on my way to J's appointment and stopped by the grocery store to pick up some orzo for tonight's dinner and got myself necessities. I don't really freakin' care if the guy in front of me kept looking at my six year old pulling them out of the adorable tiny cart they have for the kids to push around and putting them on the conveyor belt. He wanted something to put in his basket, okay?! Do you really care what it is?! Perhaps you'd like to carry them for me?! I used to be embarrased about that kind of stuff, but I guess when it's very very necessary you REALLY don't care :) . Fortunently tonight I was put in a MUCH better mood by someone who cares, which brought about a much nicer night.

We had the neighbor's puppy with us today, as J borrowed him this afternoon and when we went to leave she wasn't home. Oops. She had said he was good in the car so we just took him with us and everytime we had to leave him in the car for a second he would glue himself to our laps when we got back in. That was just two times. My car wouldn't start when we got out of J's appt. and I was a little perturbed we had to have him then, but he wandered around on his leash outside the car while we waited for B and it all worked out. I guess the battery wires jiggle loose every once in a while.

Tonight we had dinner at a couple's house we met through our small group. They totally loved the kids and it was nice to be around people who are totally relaxed around kids. They're our age, so the guys still a big kid at heart and he sat there and played the Xbox because S wanted specifically him to play with him. Mommy couldn't because she didn't know how. J wants to invite them to his birthday party because he wants them to get him an XBox. Then he says no really he wants them to come to his birthday party. Their house/apartment was so cute, exactly what I would love my house to be. It's always fun to meet someone with my sense of style - someone I could go shopping with and love all the same things. I have to hit the flea markets with her. Her husband is artsy too which is awesome. I'm so enjoying my art class, and it was neat to see someone who had taken it so far in his life. He does all the Chili's graphics with the chili pepper. I almost mentioned Allison's sweet Chili's deal, but ran out of time. It was a great night.


girl_from_florida said...

Hopefully you're in a better mood now, sweetie! I'm so glad yall have been able to meet some couples through your small group!

Cecilia said...

LOL. I loved the way you "lashed out" (in your mind) on that guy in the grocery. We all get to be that way once or twice in a month. :)


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