Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sunshine Dreams

Well I was going to post asking advice. But things are going really fast, so it would have to be fast advice ;) .

We are going back to California for a visit. I have been off and on as to whether this would send me into a tizzy again, but I hope not.

I just found some pictures from 2002-2004 on my computer that I thought had been transferred to my hard drive and one of them was some beautiful pictures from BG's fifth birthday out there. We had some GOOD visits, and some good times. It makes me look forward to going out there. Allison, I know if any you would have advice. You know how hard it is to visit family. And even though we lived with them for a year and had some WONDERFUL times you ALL know how eager I was to get back. And how good of a position my life is in now, as far as my heart wise. Especially you Cecilia have noticed that these last few weeks. I just hope California doesn't throw it for a loop.

My MIL is going to come a few days before we go and fly back with me, thank God, because I cannot STAND flying American alone. Southwest is okay because the people are so friendly but they don't have non stop. Well any way as it is right now the kids and I will out there for about eight days before B comes and he'll be out there for a little less than four. I'm a little worried about being out there so long without him but I really want the kids to be able to send quality just hangin' time with the grandparents and not have it be all rush rush events.

I have to say I'm excited to see the beauty again. And my family. I think about my Dad a lot lately, and how much I would miss him if he wasn't there. And I'll get to see my sister's brand new baby! And SIG's grown up into a six month old lil' guy.

My only other obstacle is my art class. I'd be missing two. B says to talk to my teacher and see what he can give me to make it up and fill in, so I'm hoping that will work.

Any thoughts, unsolicited advice (heaven knows I give it enough.)? Now's the time : ) ! I'm thinking since I asked for it it's not unsolicited :) My Mom is getting the tickets as we speak. Crossing fingers that it's a wonderful, peaceful time and that the kids get to do all the wonderful peaceful relaxing and just hanging out that they did while we lived there.


Mel said...

I have no advice, but I wanted to say I hope (and know) you'll have a wonderful time!!

girl from florida said...

I think you should go, enjoy it as much as possible, and see how you feel. See if you feel good being there and if you feel at home or if you long for your other home. If it upsets you, it'll give you something to think about. I just think it's better to face your fears. It will be wonderful to see the babies and your dad!! Just try to enjoy yourself, sweetie :)

Stacey said...

I agree - you should go. Keep your chin up and enjoy the time you have there. :)

Allison said...

I would anticipate feeling crummy when you get back (because in all realty, you most likely will!), but do anything you can to focus on the good things here. While you are there enjoy every minute of being with family and how nice it is to visit and have things be wonderful. When you visit somewhere, there usually isnt time for negatives, like fighting, tension, and frustrations which are there when you LIVE somewhere. So enjoy every minute, beacuse the time will fly, and take it one day at a time. Worry about how you feel upon returning, AFTER you return back to Austin.

Then, when you get back, if you DO feel crummy, focus on the good things you have here. Think about how wonderful it is to have your own place, and time away from the frustrations that family can bring. And remember that now that you are away, your little boys will have nothing but really good and fun memories of their grandparents, just like all vacations!

Heck, I DO NOT EVER want to live near my family, yet I still feel crummy when I get back from spending time with them. I think it is normal to feel that way! And remember, when you do get back, and if you are feeling down, vent it out to us, because we will always be here for your support and love. :-)

pinksundrops said...

Thanks you guys so much. I had a breakdown last night after I realized how LONG we are going to be there and how much I have to cancel that's going on here. But all those wonderful things that you mentioned Allison? That's what I wanted to have time for. Not just the rush rush of going here and there. So as you said I will focus on that.

Allison said...

Oh, and just to clarify... my response was because I thought when you said that it would send you in a tizzy, i thought you meant that as being all sad when you got back to texas.

If thats not what you meant, disregard what i said. :-)


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