Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm Still Here

Just enjoying my MIL's visit thoroughly. I am going to try to do this post justice because I don't want to forget and I am just too tired to do much.

She came in Sunday night a few hours late due to the FREEZING weather we were having here. We spent Monday at our homeschool group which was at a house for the first time and was a blast. The girl had all of the different activities set up as 'stations' in different rooms of her house and the moms and kids went around to each one. Tuesday we hopped on the road and drove up to Dallas. We checked in to the Executive Level at the Westin Galleria, and the beautiful miss Allison walked up to our room with us where I tried to erase three hours of tiring road trip. My MIL offered to watch the kiddos, I didn't argue, and we were off. We went to Uncle Julio's, the place of Allison's first date with Marc and the first restaurant she went to when she got to Dallas, now mine as well, that was special. We had margaritas with Grand Mariner, a Sangria Margarita for her, and chatted the night away. We emptied the restaurant and then took off to play in the Club Room at the Westin. After much giggling and too much fun we finally said good-bye.

Allison Rose

Wednesday my MIL and the boys and I went to check out Frontiers of Flight Museum which was beautifully done. The airplanes were gorgeous, and they had a replica of the Wright's brothers bicycle shop. Besides all the airplanes they had the Apollo 7 and a neat video of when we landed on the moon.

Frontiers of Flight Museum

We decided to head back home that night as the place we wanted to go that evening wasn't open. So we drove home, picked up B, and came back the next night for Medieval Times. Allison met us AGAIN, I was so happy she made the effort to be with us - not that it was hard my MIL loves to do nothing but the best ;) , and we enjoyed a VIP front row night of jousting and lords and ladies. Our yellow and red knight threw flowers and handed out his handkerchief, Allison caught a flower and I held the kerchief. The boys were in speechless awe with eyes as big as saucers. The metal swords clinked and sent off showers of sparks, they were made of titanium. The black and white knight won then was backstabbed by the not good knight, and our knight defeated him and was declared champion. It was our cheers, I swear. Once again we said our goodbyes to Allison, only this time it seemed way too early to be saying goodbye.

Medieval Times

My MIL leaves on Saturday morning. I am so sad to see her go. I have just sat back and watched her 'parent' the boys the whole time she's been here, and it's been so nice to see a different and fresh perspective to everything I routinely say and do. They enjoy her so much. She sits and watches movies with them and cheers on the characters, and explains the moral better than I ever could. The last two movies they've watched have been on the importance of dreams, and her words are so inspiring of how dreams are so important to life. I've enjoyed every moment of her visit and am so glad she stayed as long as she did.

Never Ending Story


girl from florida said...

What an amazing time!!! Your MIL sounds wonderful, you are very, very lucky. I am totally jealous of all the time you got to spend with Allison! Wish I could have been there with you guys!

I love the Neverending story... have you ever read the book? It's wonderful!


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