Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rolling... Action!

We watch the opposing team catch the football and let our displeasure be known. Our team, the Dillon Panthers, intercede and we cheer! Our home town boy, who we all know and love, goes down, and after the cheering dies a frightened silence. The silence turns into hushed whispers and we talk amongst ourselves. Is he okay? How bad is he hurt? His poor parents, crying on the field. His girlfriend, fighting to get to him in wild tears. The doctor checks him out, the ambulance comes and takes him away. Spattered applause as we're glad he's being taken care of, but have no idea how he is.


He gets off the stretcher and goes back to do it again, this time from on the ground with the doctor checking him out.

We're freezing in the stand. It's a hot summer August night in the middle of February on the set of Friday Night Lights, the in the works TV series, and we are doing our best to make it look like it. I never realized an actor's job could be so demanding and we were just extras! I couldn't imagine being on the field, HAVING to have your jacket off whether you like it or not except for in between takes. We had such a great time seeing how movie making works, using props, the boys wanting to know why the popcorn box was empty, B being offered a football player position but sweetly turning it down to make sure and stay with us. Next time he will take it as I told him I really, really, really wished he had. What fun for the boys to have seen their Daddy on the field as a football player in a film! It worked out. We took off after a few hours, it was just too cold and the boys were tired. Next time maybe it really will be a hot summer August night... and we'll have to wear jackets : ) .

Friday Night Lights Filming
The star of the show

Go Panthers
The sign up above behind us. In the slim, slim chance we actually are onscreen we're sitting just below this sign to the right of it. You can't miss my bright yellow team color shirt.

The Director & Crew
The director & camera crew. The guy in the backwards hat directed us to our seats.

The Cheerleaders
The cheerleaders. Not sure if the guy's girlfriend is in this shot.


Allison said...

That is SOOO cool! You will have to remind us when it airs so we can look out for our friends the TV stars!! :-)


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