Friday, February 03, 2006

Little Better

Today I was a tad bit better. At least I didn't feel like sitting around the house. The boys and I did school and discovered how sound waves bounce more off of harder surfaces than soft by singing in the closet and then in the bathroom. We also used a bouncy ball on carpet, then hardwood to demonstrate how it's easier for things to bounce off of a hard surface. We ended up playing a bouncy ball game in the bathroom and sending our sound waves to whoever we were sending the ball to. That got wild and crazy and fun.

This afternoon I brought a meal to a couple who just had a baby a few weeks ago. The boys and I brought her Artichoke and Olive Tapenada Chicken, salad with fresh cucumbers, and a homemade cheesecake. My heart went out to her, I could see her exhaustion in her face and in her words when she said, "It's been hard." She was sick with a stomach virus and is back down to her prepregancy weight within two weeks, mostly due to that. Our class has organized meals for her and her refrigerator looked pretty full so it's good she hasn't had to worry about that. We really don't know them that well, but I'd love to be able to do something to encourage her.

BG had soccer this afternoon and our way home we watched a teenage boy start to cross the street on his bike and a woman turning right who just kept going, she must've been looking to the left to see if the road was clear. I put the hazards on and jumped out to help and thank God he was okay. His front wheel was bent in half, but he just had a few cuts and scrapes. The hard part was how concerned he was over what he would tell his Dad. He didn't want him to know that he had to run into a car - to that the woman reassured him, "Oh honey, I hit you, you didn't hit me." and that she would get his bike fixed. She insisted on taking him home as he really wanted to walk, and I was glad she did. He seemed pretty shook up. The boys and I prayed for him and that his Dad would have compassion and that everybody involved would have a sense of peace. It was a heart stopping thing to see.


girl from florida said...

First of all, your dinner sounds amazing. You are so sweet to bring food! I hope your friend starts feeling better soon.

I found the image of you and your boys praying for that boy to be just so sweet. You are raising them really well.

Cecilia said...

YOU are the heart stopping one: for all the things you do as a Mom (creating fun things for your boys), as a friend (even to an acquaintance such as that lady whp just gave birth), as a citizen (for helping out in that accident).

Like Girl, I found the image of you praying with the boys touching. I admire you a LOT.

I'm happy to know that you are feeling better.

PS I sent you a loooong email. Hope it didn't give you a headache! :)


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