Friday, September 01, 2006

Too Much

Broken cars, rental cars - at this point we've gone through three and still have one more to go through, having to deal with either having two drivers or being dropped off and picked up, J's new attitude this last week, S's screaming (at least the hitting subsided for now), both J's and S's constant ignorance of 90% of what I say, staying pretty at the cost of breaking out, forking moolah out to buy running shoes so I can go outside in the am for a run and a moment to myself, a cluttered house that's not dirty just MESSY and is starting to smell like GECKO - did I mention we got another? It's all too freakin' much. What's that saying about hiring a maid is the best thing you could do for your wife? Sounds good to me. I can't keep up.


Allison said...

Oh sweetie! I am so sorry! I understand in a different -car grease- sort of way! If you move closer I will share my maid (and my tequila) with you!!!


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