Saturday, September 02, 2006

Drunk Jenga

There was a rule on each block you had to follow - drink 5 seconds, dish out 5, make an awesome rule, etc. Fun stuff, but a little crazy. Dang the headache. Oh that was probably the lack of sleep. Brando stopped drinking after a few, just appeared as if he was. I told him he should've shared that trick with me! That was our Friday night.

Today the kids and I went to work with Brando, who was taking the day off and poor baby had to do a million things. My favorite quote of the day from hearing his phone conversations - and he told me before he said it wait for this one, "You know what the best thing about this job is? I can be sitting in my bed on a Saturday morning and be making money." We drove out to a gorgeous listing of his in Briarcliff that has so much property and gorgeous views. We picked up some checks for option and escrow for one of his closings.

Stopped by Old Navy for a shirt and skirt for me and jeans for Brando. I'd intended to get more of the $2 super cute pajama pants I got there last week but they were completely gone. The lady up front told us they were gone by the afternoon of the day I was there. At least I already got five, I was just going to stock up a little more! By the way as I continue to trail off topic they do their women's markdowns on Monday (why I got the best selection Monday morning) and women's accessories markdowns on Tuesdays. Came home and went to the gym (with my new running shoes!) and the pool.

Tonight is BlueBell night : ) !


Alyssa said...

drunk Janga is a fun game...until the next morning! No fair $2 PJ bottoms! jealous!!! Well gotta go get ready for camping! Later!

my life is brilliant said...

I love Old Navy!! That Jenga game sounds fun, too. I've only played Jenga a couple times, but it was always fun. You know what else is an odd, but fun game to play? Uno Attack! I highly recommend it!


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