Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yay! Hubby's First Listing

613 Newport Dr.
613 Newport Drive, Austin, Texas

Such a GORGEOUS home! He took us out there and wow it takes your breath away, especially the attention to detail and custom touches.

Note the difference between a listing and a buyer: A buyer he takes out to shop for a home and find them one, then writes the contract to buy it. A listing is a home he puts on the market, and a much better way of revenue as all he has to is get it out on the market, and wait for a buyer. At the same time hopefully get some more business in the process of people that don't have a realtor looking at this home, or looking to sell their home in order to buy another. Go Hubby!!!


Laura said...

Yay - how exciting! Go B!

Courtney said...

Go Hubby indeed!!! That house looks amazing - best of luck to him!!!


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