Friday, September 29, 2006

Mired in debt

Americans are so trained that debt is the only way of life. How can we live any other way? It's the spoiled brat inside of us saying I want it NOW! Well honestly I do want it now. Though I want to not be struggling out of the debt hole more. So I can wait. I have to retrain my brain that credit does NOT mean we can afford it. In fact it's really the opposite. Putting it on credit NOW means we won't be able to afford it later and will probably have to end up selling it to pay for it. Saving for it now means we can pay for it later and actually keep it! Or just have some sort of wise use of our money. Even better!


my life is brilliant said...

Yeah, I'm struggling with that idea myself ...

By the way, I haven't read your blog in days because it says you're taking a bit from writing. It's also showing up funny. You may want to check the formatting or something. I also have to highlight everything to be able to see it because the print is showing up on a white background instead of your really adorable brown suede-looking background it's probably supposed to be on.

I'm glad you're back, though!


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