Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Can't we catch a break?!

I don't want to linger on this because you know what as of now we're all happy, healthy, wealthy (in love anyway), and wise. But just so you know and I know later we got another ticket tonight. Yipee.

In other news we had a parent teacher meeting tonight and my friends Kels watched the boys. Her and I got our nails and pedicures done earlier. Then I picked up J while she got a haircut and we met afterwards at Old Navy where we both scored (again!). I spent $28 and got 10 things. We went to Fire Bowl Cafe and then she took off with the boys.

I met up with Brando at the school and we heard the principal speak and then the first grade teacher, who is so fabulous, I wish J was in her class. It was nice but really there was no need for Brando to be there. Next time I'll just go and we won't have to deal with having someone watch the boys. They did have a blast though! Playing volleyball, making sandcastles, playing race car games on the computer, and watching movies. They love her.


my life is brilliant said...

I'm sorry you got another ticket. That sucks. I have to pay mine soon. Ugh. I can think of so many cooler ways to spend $178.37 (the stamp's included).

I went to Old Navy the other day, too, and I thought of you! I got two really cute shirts. Neither were on sale. I should have gone with you! lol

Allison said...

Oooh, you are making me want to stop by an old navy, but I am scared I wont find deals like that and still buy as much stuff!

Sorry about the ticket, but what were you doing speeding??? tsk! tsk! ;-)

pinksundrops said...

I knew I was going to have to explain that ;) . First of all it wasn't me. Second of all it was only 10 miles over on a HIGHWAY. Third of all it was a brand new rental car we got that morning that Brando had just realized he was going too fast in and had started to slow down. Which he told the guy. The arse small town cop (DON'T get me started) though tells him to "Figure out your cruise control." Get a life and go find people who drink and drive. Okay I know I sound totally anti cop but really I'm not. Just small town anti cop. Any way we got to Kels house to get the kids and she told us more small town cop horror stories - such as one who pulled her over for going 4mph over when there were people going 15mph over next to her. She asked him, "Seriously. Are you bored?" and he gave her a ticket for 10mph over just for that. Isn't that illegal?!? Sigh. I'm over it. hehe :)

Hey how did you know it was for speeding? The first one was for everything in the book BUT speeding. I wasn't even doing anything wrong. Oh and in both cases they were small town cops and in both cases they were pulling someone over two seconds later. Can we say quota?


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