Friday, September 22, 2006


Given that last post there's not really much to write about. Everything costs money. Money makes the world go around. Or maybe that's just my perception. We started reading Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover (Laura, thanks for the suggestion!) yesterday. I read aloud for two hours and we got halfway through. We intended to read the rest today but Brando cheated and bought it on his iPod and has been listening to the rest all day. Doesn't the book argue against impulse purchases? Sorry, babe, I couldn't resist. I'm a little sad he didn't wait to read the book with me! That's okay, maybe it'll be just me reading it. So far it seems like it's given us SOME footing on our thinking of money. Whatever that footing is we'll see.


Brando said...

Im still looking forward to reading it with you aloud dear. I enjoyed last night very very much (hearing your voice is wonderfull)! I talked to you about this purchase yesterday and you said ok, but that you still wanted to read the book together. Im looking forward to doing just that!


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