Saturday, November 11, 2006

For Sale SOLD

An excerpt from an email to a friend - Hi Bec!: We sold the van today! Yay! It was an answer to prayer! I prayed it would go to the right family and asked my Mom to pray for that as well. A wonderful couple who have older children bought it. It's perfect for their 15 yr old daughter who has band practice, and her friends, and their 20 year old son who is at Texas State. I believe they were Christians as she mentioned how God works that out where it goes to the family who needs it, as he did for them when they sold their station wagon to a man buying it for his wife and brand new baby when they left Tennessee. Such a comfort! They offered $250 over asking price (we also had another offer at that same price, and one $50 over). That's a praise you could pray for and not a concern : ) ! I am praying that it would serve them well, especially on their road trip back to Tennessee they want to take it on.


Heather said...

That is an answered prayer. :)


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