Sunday, November 05, 2006


This morning in the car on the way to church Shawners said he wanted to go to his brother's Sunday School class with his brother. We asked him why and he says, "Because he is my best friend."

Tonight as I'm cuddling him after he got out of the bath he looks at me and says, "You are beautiful. You have beautiful blue eyes. You have beautiful brown hair."


s said...

aww, that brightens up the day.

my life is brilliant said...

How absolutely adorable! What a great family!

And I love the changes on your page -- still seasonal and pretty, but I can SEE everything! :)

girl from florida said...

Oh my gosh! The cuteness!!! That is the sweetest thing ever.

I was just looking at your last post, and I realized that my piles of laundry covering my room look eerily similar to the boys room and I felt so embarrassed! I am a grownup!! I've been working on it all morning :)

I LOVELOVELOVE your fall layout!!

pinksundrops said...

Oh believe me, the laundry I do not count as part of "our areas". At least not lately :) . Heh.


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