Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Bad, Awful Day

That would be from Grover's Bad, Awful Day.

It really started this morning when I forgot that I'd washed and blowdried my hair last night so I wouldn't have to do it this morning in order to get J to his chess club on time. Fortunently Brando was home this morning and took him so I would have time to blow dry my hair again and meet up with them afterwards.

But I started to notice my bad, awful day when the boys and I went to lunch afterwards near the chess club place specifically so we could go to the coffee shop that we love near there after lunch. I tried a new place and not only was it expensive but it was not great. That sucked. The boys ate nearby - also expensive and not healthy on top of it. Then we went to the coffee shop and they were out of the one thing both J and I were craving so we decided to skip that and head home and make cookies.

On the way I decide to stop by storage and get out my Christmas decorations. We have storage on the second floor which used to be no problem because it's near the elevators and they had big carts next to the elevators to bring it up and down the elevator. But somebody has been stealing the big carts so now they keep them waaaaaay up by the front office. Which sucks when you have two kids trailing behind you and have to park your car near storage, walk up to the front to get the cart, walk back to storage to get your stuff, put your stuff in the car, and walk the cart back up to the front office. I tried to use a dolly which I could throw in the back of my car but since I decided to get the rest of my Christmas stuff out in one trip instead of having to deal with the cart issue again the dolly might as well have been laughing at me. So up to the front we trek for the cart, I very exasperatedly let the guy know how FRUSTRATING this was and asked if he could kindly pick up the cart when I was done. Poor guy agreed : ) . So back we go with the cart where Shawners promptly announces he has to go potty. Of course being the wonderful and determined mommy I am I tell him he has to wait, so by the time I've gotten my stuff in the car, let the front office know I'm done with the cart and get home which at this point it's starting to rain he's holding it and running down to the house to go. At least he didn't go in his pants!

I'm not even going to think about needing to put the stuff I'm taking down into storage. I don't even have that much and I have very huge closets but with absolutely no shelf space and little critters that like to take apart anything on the ground and free storage, so into storage it goes.

From this point on my bad, awful day is going out the window and even though it's still 80 degrees with solid grey cloud cover outside with a 40 degree cold front coming in tomorrow I'm going to start putting some good in today. See? My boys just brought me a flower.

...except that my neighbor just got home and we vented about our bad days and I started my vent right after I told J to go get S's helmet out of the closet and he sat there and argued with me for five minutes on it because I've told him not to go in the closet and now I was telling him to and he didn't want to go in because I told him not to. ARGH!! Sometimes I can't stand all the responsibilities that come with being a Mom, keeping somewhat of a house, being a sweet wife (at least not a bitch) and still trying to have a life of my own.


s said...

ugh, you need a nice bubble bath tonight! i hate bad days when everything just seems to be working against you. remember tomorrow is going to be better! hope you get some rest tonight being a mom must be the hardest job ever.

beth said...

I'm sorry, that doesn't sound like fun at all. it is very hard being the responsible one all the time. but hte boys of yours are awfully cute!! Hope you have a great evening and tomorrow is a good one!!

Courtney said...

Booo. :(

Hope you are feeling better...

alyssa said...

Ok I am all caught up now! It was kind of fun getting to read them all at once!


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