Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Embarrasingly Large Amount of Credit Card Debt

Inspired by Courtney.

Credit card debt $20,000.

Okay due to popular demand (ha) I'm taking off the house and car debt. We still want to get rid of the car debt but credit card debt was the start of this.

I'm putting a link to this in my sidebar because I don't know how to just put it in there. The point of this is to help motivate us into getting rid of it! Well we're working on it before this, but this might be a good accountability tool.


Heather said...

Hey everyone has some sort of debt. But I think having it written down will help ya.

Alyssa said...

Glad were not the only ones. When you put something on a credit card that means it is free right?
Well you could move to Hawaii and buy a house and make 100 000$$ in profit in one year. That was our only saving grace!

my life is brilliant said...

I'm there with you. Isn't debt fun? ... groan

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, but at least the house debt is something that you'll get back. It's considered "good debt," and I think car debt is too. And at least the interest is probably locked in on those, right?

Just trying to be positive. (Trust me, I have to look for all the positives for me, too.)

Laura said...

I need to read the Dave Ramsey book for some more motivation. I should post my credit card debt, too, which by the way has grown over $1,000 in the last month! Yikes!


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