Thursday, December 28, 2006


Alyssa told me she hasn't been able to access my site for over a month now! So I went into Windows bootcamp on my Mac to see if I could check it out in Internet Explorer and I got the same problem she got - only the banner would load up. So I went through the code line by line until I found something that didn't match up with the original code and I think I fixed it!! If anybody else was having problems, please let me know if you can see it the way it's supposed to be now!


alyssa said...

Yeah your back! Thanks! I should have told you about this sooner but I have been so busy. I have a mac also but never thought to try it on there. I mostly just use it for work stuff. Well I have allot of catching up to do. Must go read!

my life is brilliant said...

I was having that problem too, but it's fixed now. Thank goodness! I missed your blog! :)


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