Monday, December 04, 2006

Sugar & Spice

Justin came up with the idea to take the head off a gingerbread cookie and cut it into a triangle to make this Santa suit. He did so fabulous!

The boys and I spent the day at Kelly's house making cookies and decorating them. We were both SO excited!! The boys, too! We made thumbprint cookies which were delicious until we decided to add milk to the batch to make the dough less crumbly and made them taste like biscuits, then we made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and orange spiced tea. Yum! Kelly had never made cookies before except for store bought. I love doing things with friends that they are doing for the first time!!

PS Where is everybody? It's been quiet lately!


s said...

i'm still here!! i've been writing so many papers that blogging and commenting have been slow, but i'm still reading. the cookies look delicious. feel free to send some here :)

L said...

i'm still here too! many times i read at work and feel guilty, so i try to read through quick and end up not posting . . haha.

those cookies look delicious. i just made some cookies tonight for our work cookie competition. hope i win!

girl from florida said...

OH MY GOSH!! SO CUTE!! Do you want to come make some with me? I've been dying to do some Christmas cookies but hate doing it by myself and it seems like everyone is SO busy that we have a million other things planned!!

It has been pretty quiet lately! You know I'm still reading every day of course :)

Amber said...

This is what we're doing today!


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